-Why do people wear waist beads? Today, waist beads can be worn for fashion purposes, waist shaping, weight monitoring, intimacy, etc. While some waist beads have energy crystal healing Waist beads give sexual appeal. There are so many cultural traditions and reasons why waist beads are worn. Here are some reasons:

Intimacy- Waist beads can be worn for sexual desire purposes. African women often would lure husbands with beads or use them for means of fertility.

Weight management- Practice of wearing waist beads over time will help keep the waist and accentuate the hips. Tired of wearing waist trainers? Get waist beads. They help gauge your weight gain and loss.

Celebration- Several countries in Africa, use waist beads to adorn girls in celebration of maturity. During their first menstruation waist beads are given as a celebration of passage into womanhood.

-Can I shower with my beads? Yes, it is perfectly fine to shower with your beads on.

-Can I take off my tie on waist beads? Unfortunately, tie on beads are semi-permanent once you tie them on you will have to cut them off. Elastic with clasp/screws can be removed if you prefer something you can put on and take off.

-Can plus size women wear Embellished Waist Beads? Yes, our waist beads are 45-50 inches long which can fit a women sized 00-18 USA sizes.